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Yugo SKS Model 59-66  New condidtion All matching, flip up night sight, grenade launcer, book, serial numbered to the firle from the arsenal. Has all accessories. Nice rifle. 


DSCN0810.JPG (26853 bytes)

Paired Yugo's

We also have consecutive serial numbered pairs!! Just like the descriptions above. Nice , nice rifles. You can get the pair for $500.00 take a look at the pic.

DSCN0811.JPG (77787 bytes)

1903 Swede 94 Carl Gustov reciever, all matching. In excellent condition. Has bayonett but not matching #. $1200.00

DSCN0812.JPG (76230 bytes)

ISAPOR #1 Mark 3 

Grenade launcher bands, Both are matching. Bore 85%,$150.00 each, or $275.00 for the pair.

DSCN0571.JPG (114807 bytes)

Remington Model 591 5mm magnum, clip fed, bolt action, dove tailed scope mount. 85-90%. Pretty rifle. 


DSCN0814.JPG (37505 bytes)

Mossberg 12 gauge Simmons 1-11 red dot scope, vent and rib barrel, Turkey full and modified, pump $150.00 "new price"

  Dscn0263.jpg (34035 bytes)


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 Preduzece 44 model 47 with 24 receiver, 8mm Yugo Actions with straight bolt in a short rifle. These rifles have a lot to be said about them. They have the shorter, stronger actions almost 1/4 inch shorter than the old 98 actions. 5 shot clip. Rifling in barrel, looks new and shinny. Beautiful hard wood stocks with lots of wood grain. Bluing is in high 90%. All matching serial numbered bolts, receivers, floor plates and stocks. Just $155.00  

Dscn0049.jpg (113415 bytes)

We also have the same rifle in Preduzece 44 model 48. Rifle has the same features of the 47 only built a year later. 48 rifles have the roll down bolt, with cup butt plate, where the 47 has the straight bolt and flat butt plate. Same rifle, comes with bayonet, sling, leather pouches all for $175.00                                     

Dscn0045.jpg (109409 bytes)



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Enfield 303 cal. Mark 4 #2   shiny bore, matching numbers no bayonet 

 Original wood. $165.00

Dscn0039.jpg (152778 bytes)


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SKS semi-auto rifle (7.62 x 39): This is one of the earlier SKS's with box magazine, bayonet and sling. It's in 99% condition. A real jewel.

chinesesks_small.jpg (25971 bytes)


VZ24 8mm. $100.00

DSCN0569.JPG (104304 bytes)


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Hakim 8mm. Semi Auto Hairline cracks in hand guard or pistol grip. 80-85% overall. These won't last long. $350.00

DSCN0758.JPG (14024 bytes)

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Fin 39 VKT SA Mark 85% overall, Matching bolt and receiver, pretty wood. $160.00

DSCN0567.JPG (88572 bytes)

Fin 39 VKT 85% overall, solid wood $150.00

DSCN0568.JPG (88038 bytes)

Mosin-Nagant M-39 rifle (7.62 x 54R): One of the finest military bolt action rifles ever produced, the M-39 was the final evolutionary step in Mosin-Nagant rifles. We have these in a wide range of manufacturers and varieties.

  "New Price" $135.00

No SAKO'S at this time. 




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Mauser Obendorf Banner .22 cal. Matching, solid wood, original sling, high bluing, dovetail scope mounts, Mauser emblem on stock. $700.00 "new price"

DSCN0544.JPG (39949 bytes)

Original Gecko Sportbuchse Model 28  .22cal. 80%overall. $225.00

DSCN0549.JPG (24025 bytes)

**HaenelSport Model 33 Jr. (BB gun): Looks and handles like a K98, used as a trainer. Very, very few of these were made. This is a super collector piece. $350.00
bbhaenel_small.jpeg (27578 bytes)
Great Britain

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Mosin Nagant M44 Short Rifle  All matching, 85-90% overall, pretty little rifles. $95.00


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