One of our customers had a break-in the other day (early Feb. of '99), and can use our help in tracking these down, as well as the low-life's who ripped him off.

The following handguns have been stolen. If you come across any of them, most likely on the West Coast, please notify your local police, then Bill Krause ( Thanks........... AND please circulate this list as widely as you can.


Stolen Gun List
Serial Number Brand/Model/Caliber
437352 Thompson Center Contender (.410/.45 Long Colt)
57868 Astra 400 pistol (9MM Largo)
90185 Astra 400 pistol (9MM Largo)
BER367156Z Beretta 92FS pistol (9mm PB)
BER025409 Beretta 92FS pistol (9mm PB)
BER043928M Beretta 96 Centurian pistol (40 S&W;)
245NW85737 Browning Hi Power pistol (9mm PB)
245NM07702 Browning Hi Power pistol (9mm PB)
655NV03605 Browning Buckmark pistol (.22 Rimfire)
D10320 Cz-52 pistol (7.62 x 25)
FK10243 Cz-52 pistol (7.62 x 25)
CB07008 Cz-52 pistol (7.62 x 25)
Y7881 Cz-52 pistol (9mm PB)
C60499 Cz-50 pistol (.32 ACP)
AF00714 High Standard pistol (.22 rimfire)
9427 P-08 Luger pistol (9mm PB)
A EC 7357 Makerov pistol (9mm Mak)
BB9990 Makerov pistol (9mm Mak)
XT542 Russian Nagant revolver (.32 ACP)
308969C Colt M-1911A1 pistol (.45 ACP)
LW338864 Springfield Armory, Inc. M-1911A1 pistol (.45 ACP)
K008817 Kimber Gold Cup Match M-1911A1 pistol (.45 ACP)
G241696 SIG P-220 pistol (.45 ACP)