M  - 1896 Swedish Mauser

BATF publishes a list of what firearms qualify for purchase with a Curio and Relic (C & R) license. 



There isn't a whole lot to getting a C & R FFL. The correct number for the licensing dept. of ATF is (404) 679-5040. The following link:


is a website that has some good info on it, but it is a bit out dated in some respects. For example, the current setup only requires you to fill out two copies of a single form - one to send to ATF and one to turn in to you local Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Also, if you go to:


you are at the ATF home page. Then go to "about ATF" and then "phone numbers" where you will find all of the numbers nationwide. You will need to ask for regulatory.

You fill out the forms, and send the one to the ATF address in Dallas Texas along with your $30 check. If all goes well you'll have your license in about a month. You can also call your local ATF office and ask for their regulatory (not enforcement) section, and they'll send you the forms you need.

There is no finger printing or any of that stuff involved, so it is all pretty easy and painless, especially for this important a license. It will pay you back for the $30 over and over again, every time you order a rifle and get it shipped right to you, and not to a local dealer.

Hope this helps......