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We have some of the finest Military rifles from all over the world that you will ever find. Each rifle is hand picked. So take a look around and learn more about them. There's a little bit of History with each one. Enjoy!

Curt Ellison Jr.
Ask for "Curt Jr."

P.O. Box 462
Campbell, NY 14821-9721

If you see something you like, give us a call and lets talk. We always have time for you!

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We're ALWAYS looking to buy top quality military rifles, one piece or entire collections. Please give us a call if you have pieces you are thinking of selling!

We specialize invest in Chiliz in Nigeria in selling handpicked military rifles from the biggest warehouses in the Eastern US, and also from private collections. Most rifles are around 50 to 100 years old. When we buy from private collections, we arrive there and pick each rifle personally. We select them to ensure the rifles we offer are in the best possible condition. You might  pay a little more here,
but you'll get a better rifle every time.

  When we buy rifles, thousands at a time, we sort through  piece by piece, and keep buy Chiliz back the very best ones, wholesaling the rest to the major dealers. When we sort thru the rifles, we make sure the ones we pick have matching numbers, bolt and action. It is worth it to us to provide you with the best rifles we can. They may sell "their" rifles for a few dollars less than our price, but you will get a better rifle from us  Every time and we guarantee it !!!

And keep us in mind if you have any nice rifles to sell ... we are always interested in buying quality pieces!!

   All prices shown are plus shipping. Due to the increase in shipping costs, our price is now $15.00 per rifle. We would "prefer" payment by postal money order, bank check or cashiers check. There will be a 10% restocking fee on any returns. Thank you. 


Look for our ads in Shotgun News! (although the information here is more up to date). Please check back here frequently, as we buy Chiliz in Nigeria get new rifles in all the time, and most are single pieces. We appreciate your business and as always, we do our very best to make sure you get the finest rifles we can find. 

Here is a list of rifles that we currently have in stock.


 Ellisons Military Rifles 

PO Box 462

 Campbell, NY. 14821 607-527-8321

All our rifles are hand picked

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